Policymakers and the private sector in EAC meet in Nairobi next week to discuss fake products

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Law makers and leaders drawn from the private sector in the EAC meet in Nairobi on Monday to discuss the increasing volumes of fake and substandard goods coming into the East African region.


The meeting convened by the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) will seek ways to eliminate the menace that has denied governments in the region billions of shillings in lost revenue as well as endanger lives of consumers.

Among the issues to be discussed in the four day meeting include avenues for private public partnerships to curb imported sub-standards and counterfeit goods in the EAC region and the region's outlook on the counterfeits and anti-dumping. 


“Plenary discussions on the how to strengthen quality infrastructure to prevent entry of sub-standard goods in the EAC region are also envisaged,” says a statement issued by the organizers Friday.

“It also hopes to discuss in detail the measures and policies to control the entry of fake and counterfeit products in the region, hence facilitating the continual growth of quality assurance in East Africa.”

The protocol on the establishment of the Customs Union defines dumping in relation to goods as the situation where the export price of goods imported or intended to be imported into the community is less than the normal value of like goods in the market of a country of origin.

Analysts contend that dumping can harm the domestic industry by reducing its sales volume and market share. Some products and mostly medicines can be harmful to health.


The use of anti- dumping measures as an instrument of fair competition is permitted by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the EAC prescribes to anti-dumping measures in Article 16 of the Protocol and has instituted in place the EAC Customs Union (Anti-Dumping Measures) regulations.


 The region also has effected the Standardization, Quality Assurance, Metrology and Testing Act, 2006 that provides for ensuring standardisation, quality assurance, metrology and testing of products produced or traded in the Community in order to facilitate industrial development and trade.



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